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Referrals & Reintegration Partners

In FCRP Part 2, we mentioned that there can be other reintegration pathways better suited to the particular needs of an individual, and when another organization can provide a better match of resources and support, we're happy to make referrals. For example:

Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA)

CoSA is a unique and innovative community justice initiative for post release support and accountability of offenders in and by the community. CoSA VFV also provides public education programming on how to create safe communities for all.

Better Life refers individuals to CoSA when they require support and accountability related to sexual crimes. Visit the CoSA Vancouver/Fraser Valley website for more details.

Archdiocese of Vancouver Prison Ministry

We care for all those that have been impacted by crime. We regularly visit our community’s correctional institutions, providing faith-based programs. We also engage our Catholic schools and parishes, promoting awareness about social teaching and restorative justice.

Better Life refers individuals to Catholic Vancouver Prison Ministry who prefer a Catholic faith community or who can otherwise benefit from the strong support and resources they offer. Visit the Catholic Vancouver Prison Ministry website for more details.

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