Better Life Integration and Support Society is a non-profit organization that serves individuals who are incarcerated or recently released in Victoria, the Fraser Valley ,and the Metro Vancouver area. 


We seek to bring together volunteer spiritual caregivers and spiritual care-recipients into mentorship based relationships based on the individuals' desire to connect with the faith community as part of their re-integration plan. 

We believe that re-integration can successfully happen through the faith community. 


Our Mission

 Facilitate connections with those incarcerated to the faith community that they identify with. To participate in the development of a successful reintegration plan as it pertains to the individual's spiritual care.  

Our Vision

Is that every individual who wishes to be in a faith-based mentorship relationship would have access to it. 

Our Team

Board Members


Dave Jackson (President)

Ryan Johnson

Dr. Grace Lian-Bodenbach

Doug Rempel

Rob Spratt

John Webber

Sarah Xu

Community Chaplains


Bob Birch (Chilliwack)

Don Ibsen (Fraser Valley)

Park Jung (Victoria/Vancouver Island)

Sunhee Jung (Lower Mainland)

John Kim (Fraser Valley)

Glenn Spratt (Fraser Valley)

Laurens Van Vliet (Chilliwack-Agassiz)

Adam Wiggins (Executive Director)

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