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A Gift For KC & Giving Tuesday

It has been an honour to serve with an absolutely phenomenal group of individuals who have responded to Jesus call to invest their lives in "the least of these" over these past several months.

I'm excited to share yet another snapshot of the meaningful effects of our Better Life team members' investments into the lives of those we serve.

We often highlight the men and women moving from a Federal Corrections Institution into the community. However, KC's message below reminds us how an offender’s family also is often in need of support.

This "Giving Tuesday," I'd like to ask for your support on behalf of Better Life to continue this essential work.

Like many organizations, the restrictions of COVID-19 have significantly impacted us financially. Would you consider a one time gift or becoming a regular financial supporter to support us in our growing vision to better help faith based offenders experience a different and better story for their life?

Continuing to bring down the rate of re-offending requires us to not only provide support to offenders and their families, but to take a more active role in equipping the "front-lines" of church communities and volunteers. In fact, we believe providing training, resources, and support will be a game changer for offenders and their families, for church communities as they live out the call of our Saviour, and the health, safety, and welfare of the greater community.

Please prayerfully consider making a financial investment in helping offenders live a different and better story!

Today only, for Giving Tuesday, CanadaHelps will add $2 to every one-time donation of $20 or more made through this link.

Or, if you prefer, you can give by cheque to: Better Life Integration & Support Society, PO Box 423 Abbotsford Station A, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6Z7. Thank you for your contribution!

This recent email to one of our Better Life Chaplains and his wife is a wonderful illustration of the meaningful support our team can provide:


"Wow..... just wow! Your gift brought me to tears and prompted an immediate prayer of thanks. I LOVE this study Bible for women! I was just thinking recently that I need to get another Bible. I’m excited to see how this version of the Bible relates to women. It is comforting reading the back ..... how Christ cares for women. I appreciate the print size too, much easier to read. I’m going to get into it as soon as I finish this email. I’m so excited!

I am so grateful for friends like you.... I am profoundly touched by this beautiful gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you as well for the daily bread booklet. We really like those small daily reads that give us a spiritual thought for the day.

Hope you both have a lovely day. Y. would have said hello too, but he is on night shift so he was sleeping. I know Y. will be pleased to see me with this Bible. I just can’t thank you enough.

God bless you two wonderful people! Stay safe! Chat later!"


I wish you all a safe Christmas, filled with all the goodness of God!

Adam Wiggins

General Director

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