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Healing Childhood Trauma Resource

At Better Life Integration & Support, we are committed to providing resources and support so that individuals who have experienced incarceration can have a healthy reintegration back into the community.

As we continue in our series on the impact of trauma, we recognize, by virtue of being human beings, we have all experienced varying degrees of trauma.

We also understand that the men and women we love and support through their community reintegration have often both inflicted trauma through their crime, but also been radically impacted by trauma, generally through difficult childhood experiences, as well as during their incarceration.

Smart Family Podcast logo/cover image featuring title and an Ikea-style neutral living room scene

This month, Better Life highlights the invaluable Smart Family Podcast episode "SFP 083 How Developmental Trauma Shows Up in Your Family Relationships with Dr. Kathleen Murphy; Using Polyvagal Theory to Understand the Impacts of Childhood Trauma in Adulthood; How to Promote Healing."

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